specializes in helping you remove negative content, like criminal history, from google. We do this by actively replacing it with positive content on behalf of our clients.

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At our mission is to improve your online reputation. Whether it's hiding negative press, overcoming bad reviews for your business, or making your criminal history difficult to find, we are up for the task. We've helped many people change their image and overcome their past. Our life's work is helping people redefine themselves.

We Create Positive Content

We Remove Negative Content

By flooding the internet with positive content about our clients, we establish brand recognition and displace negative search results so that they can’t be found.


Percentage of People That See Online Search As The Most Trusted Source of Information About People and Businesses


Percentage of Employers That Research Job Candidates on Social Media


Percentage of People Who Read Reviews Before Deciding To Visit A Business


Percentage of People Who Don't Look Beyond Google's First Page

Ask yourself

What shows up when someone searches for you?

Past criminal records, negative news articles, even bad reviews? At, we can help. We can bury negative press making it difficult, if not impossible for someone to find. We build credibility, establish reputation, and restore lives.

For the individual, harmful or damaging content online can keep you from getting a job. Many employers will do a Google Search of a prospective employee. Past criminal conduct could be holding you back.

The same is true for consumer’s looking for someone to do business with. In today’s world, the vast majority of people will read reviews of your business before doing business with you. Unflattering content can damage your reputation.

Our Area of Expertise

Our PR Services

We set up social media accounts, build websites, write books, publish videos, and do whatever else it takes to improve our clients images. From press releases to interviews, we do it all.

And much more
We Build Credibility
We create websites and set up professional profiles on hundreds of social media sites so that when someone looks for you, they only see what we want them to see, content within our complete control.
Establish Reputation
We go to great lengths to establish our clients at experts in their field and hide negative information. We've created topical video series and even written books to ensure our clients are seen as authorities.
Restore Your LIfe
We have the ability to replace bad news with positive news by sending press releases to hundreds of websites and we can remove criminal records and personal information from more than forty different websites.
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We believe we are the best online reputation management company around, but don’t take our word for it. When it comes to having negative content buried and criminal history removed from Google, here’s what some people have to say.

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    At, we are dedicated to improving the reputation and online image of our clients. We aren’t afraid of sharing that knowledge with others. So, on our blog, we like to discuss the latest trends and techniques for removing negative content.