specializes in helping you remove negative content, like criminal history, from google. We do this by actively replacing it with positive content on behalf of our clients.


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No company can guarantee the removal of any particular content online. Any company that says they can is a scam and quite often owns the sites where the negative content appears. But, we can make the negative content much more difficult to find. We do this by creating high ranking positive content that moves the negative content down in the search results. Because people rarely go past the first page of Google, it's unlikely that they will ever see content that is buried deep in the results.

Our staff consists of web designers, SEO professionals, and writers who create sites and pages that we then build links to to help displace the original content. We actually build a brand for your name by creating hundreds of social media accounts and publishing articles about you, the client, in hundreds of places. We also use press release distribution services, infographics, and videos to promote that content. Additionally, we contract with news sites, biography sites, and bloggers to publish interviews and articles that improve your image. Overtime, usually in about 30-60 days, you'll begin to see our websites, blogs, and other content where you previously saw bad reviews or negative press.

There are few companies like this one. We were created by felons for felons. We understand that when people get out of prison they face enormous obstacles. Our primary mission is making sure that when a prospective employer looks you up, they can't find anything negative. At, we believe in second chances. And we don't think your past decisions should forever define you. Our clients include some of the countries most notorious white collar criminals. But these are former criminals who have turned their life around and are dedicated to living honest, professional lives. For each client, we craft a unique plan based on the keywords of the negative press and your personal goals. We've rebranded former hackers as security specialists and fraudsters as risk managers.

Today, most internet users rely on reviews to decide whether or not to purchase from you. That's why it's of the utmost important that the reviews that show up first are the ones that matter. As part of our brand management campaigns, we will create hundreds of reviews across many websites, such as blogs, industry news sites, and on youtube. We also recommend and utilize technologies that result in more reviews from your real customers. Additionally, where ever possible, we work to push positive reviews up while down voting negative ones. And if you aren't already in all the major local and business directories, we'll create listings for you. That way, Google may begin showing those other review sites.

When dealing with a difficult customer or negative publicity, sometimes the best option is simply to admit your mistakes, apologize, and move on. But other times, it makes no difference what you say. The media can be brutal machine publishing an onslaught of wide-reaching negative articles and no matter what you say, they'll paint you to be the bad guy. These articles can have long lasting effects as they can linger in Google's results perpetually affecting sales and image indefinitely. The only effective response to this is to fire back.

We have partnerships with hundreds of publishers online and can launch a counter attack. We'll ensure your version of the story is told or hide the lingering articles from the negative news cycle by publishing hundreds of new articles telling a different story. We have access to services that will put your story in Google and Yahoo News and across thousands of sites, including media outlets from ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. Our clients have been positively featured in publications such as Forbes and The Huffington Post. Our campaigns include Social Media marketing tools that allow your pages to go even further. With, you can take back control of your image.

Yes, we don't accept clients convicted of sexual offenses on a child or anyone that presents a threat to national security. These are the kinds of people that we believe the public has a right to be made aware of. And, if this describes you, we want nothing to do with you. Many of our staff members have children of their own and desire to raise them in a safe society. The clients we work with are dedicated to living their lives as positive, productive members of society.

No situation is the same, so the price we charge depends on a variety of factors. It's obviously easier to hide a few local news articles than it is to hide hundreds of articles from national coverage. And, there are some sites that are simply more difficult to displace than others. For example, sites with .gov extensions tend to be more difficult to rank ahead of than sites from a local blogger.

We are happy to provide you with a personalized quote free of charge. We've worked with some clients on specific projects for as little as $500 but have also charged over $20,000 for more difficult cases. Our pricing, though, is always honest, upfront, and transparent. And, we actually charge significantly less than our competitors do for similar projects. Our competitors frequently charge as much as $15,000 even for relatively simple matters. Our average campaign is only $5,000.

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