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Criminal History Deletion

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Criminal History Deletion

There many online data brokers that make money by giving access to your personal information and criminal records to anyone with a computer. Even if you've been found not guilty or the record has been expunged at the courthouse, many of these sites will still report your arrest information. These sites can have a detrimental affect on your life, preventing you from getting a good job, a place to rent, or even a girlfriend. We can actually get your records removed from more than 50 of these sites greatly reducing the risk of harm or embarrassment.
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How We Remove Your Criminal Records

Obviously, no service can remove your private information from public records controlled by the government or every possible source of finding the information. But because we remove your information from the largest criminal history sites, we greatly reduce the risk that your past criminal records or information will be discovered.


We process opt-out requests on your behalf to protect your private information and prevent these sites from selling your records.

Legal Disputes

When companies refuse to delete your information, we use federal laws that demand they verify the accuracy of the information. Most courts won't verify records, so the end result for you is a clean background report.

Privacy Laws

We use privacy laws to your advantage, demanding that these sites remove incriminating personal information.

More Benefits

It's not just access to criminal records that is at stake. We also require that the data brokers stop selling your other private data, such as address history, credit information, phone numbers, and social security numbers.
Most sites that offer similar services can only get your information off about 40 websites. We actually get your information deleted from up to 50 background sites, including Intelius, Instant Checkmate, BeenVerified, TruthFinder, US Search, and PeopleFinders. And we remove you from sites the other guys can't touch, such as LexisNexis, Acxiom, Radaris, Spokeo and forty more.
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  • Who's Sharing Your Criminal History Information

Private Databrokers providing everything from driving history to property records profit off of your private information. While, we can't guarantee removal from every single database that exists, we can get you off of fifty of them. Some like Checkr are notoriously stubborn and refuse to remove information even with evidence to the contrary. But most services want to provide accurate information.

After using our service our clients report back to us that they pass most background checks that employers will conduct. Of course, this depends on what kind of job it is. If it's a job as a government contractor or regulated profession, our services may not help. But for most people, this service is exactly what they need. It keeps the average snoop or employer from finding your information and stops the information from appearing online.

There are tons of private databrokers sharing information. These range from services that landlords and employers use to ones that report credit for banks or insurance purposes. Our service removes you from most online databroker sites, so that evidence of your past can not be casually discovered.

Our standard service quickly removes your information from more than 50 of these sites, but we've actually had success with removing information from more than ninety sources. Some of the sites we have successfully removed content from includes:

Intelius - Instant Checkmate - BeenVerified - TruthFinder - US Search - PeopleFinders - LexisNexis - Acxiom - Radaris - Spokeo -  AdvancedBackgroundChecks - EasyBackgroundChecks - MyLife - Background Report 360 - Whitepages - ZabaSearch - PeekYou - Nuwber - PeopleSmart - DexKnows - LookUpAnyone - PeopleLooker - PhonesBook - Private Eye - People Lookup - Background Check Gateway - USA People Search - Public Records Now - Fast People Search - YellowPages - AnyWho - True People Search - - Free Phone Tracer - - Advanced People Search - USA Profile Pages - - The Public Records - People Search Now - ID True - FLVoters - CheckThem - PublicRecords360 - IdentityPi - ThatsThem - InfoTracer - Background Alert - 123 Verified - California Licensing - California Nursing - California Brokers - Civil Records - - - Arivify - CIA Data - California Pharmacists - VeriPages - Court Records - - Centerex - Criminal Screen - - - Free Background Check - - InfoRegistry - Instant Background Report - Innovis - Intellicorp - JailBase - True Rep - Intel Registry - Oklahoma Voters - People Background Check - Inteligator - Webstigate - Phone Registry - - Veromi - Records Authority - Public Record Spy - Verispy - USA Background - Verify Them - Smart Background Checks - - Everify - Enformion

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Our company removes criminal history from criminal records search sites and other sources so that your past can not be uncovered by friends, employers, or nosy people.
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