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How Guest Blogging Builds Authority

Guest Blogging is a common content marketing and SEO technique where someone writes and publishes a blog post on a third-party website to promote their personal or business brand. Writing a blog as a guest exposes a new audience to you, but to be worthwhile it has to be on a site that is relevant to your industry. When done right, it can make you appear as a topic on the authority and it provides the other site with quality content.
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Why Guest Blogging?

This arrangement when done right is mutually beneficial. The publishers want quality content for their audience to keep them coming back, while authors need a platform to promote their brand. Similar to article marketing, writing content for high ranking websites as a guest author creates backlinks back to your site. It builds your brand authority, and leverages the authority of the publishing sites. When done right, both parties benefit. We handle the entire process for our clients from researching appropriate placements and content ideas to reaching out to the blogger to make it happen.

High Quality Backlinks

We publish content on sites with established authority, existing traffic, and excellent Trust Flow. Unlike our competitors, you won't find low quality links here.

Relevant Placements

We look for sites that are actually relevant to our clients industry and for target keywords. These aren't random placements that are worthless for SEO.

Only Real Sites

We only publish content to real websites, not the spammy blog networks that our competitors use. Every placement will have unique content.

Varying Content

We will post different kinds of content, depending on the blogs we are working on. This could be an informative blog post, an interview, an announcement, or even a research study.
By putting your name in more places with content that isn't negative we tilt the odds in your favor. For any particular search term, Google usually only pulls a few results from any one source. By having more places with positive content, Google is more likely to select the articles about you that would prefer the public see.
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Most content is written for a particular purpose. Ours is crafted in include the key phrases that bring up the results of concern naturally. Our clients name will be prominently featured and used with phrases that are quite similar to the negative results, but with very different context.

For example, if we have a client named Jason Hill that was convicted of committing bank fraud, we may use titles like "Capital Hill Bank Fraud" or "How Banks Work To Eliminate Fraud by Jason Hill". See how all the key phrases are there without framing our guy as the bad guy? That's really the key and even extends to the article content itself. We might use phrases like "Art collector Jason wouldn't bank on it, fraud in the art world is at an all time high."

We work to paint our clients in a positive light and don't take short cuts like posting the same content to many places. This is something you'll find common at other reputation repair companies.

When we do guest blogging, we reach out to relevant blogs to secure a spot and write something that fits their site. We aren't just posting to a huge network of useless sites. We do our research. We publish blog posts only on sites that have high quality content, good authority, and actual traffic. Every single post we write is unique. You won't find the exact same article anywhere else.

Uniqueness matters and is a powerful tool to outrank even the most popular news sites. It's no secret that Google prefers unique content and will also penalize duplicate content. But what most people don't realize is that the news companies often publish the same material with minor changes. This works to our advantage. Google will see the news stories duplicates and only display one copy of the article in their search results. But they'll see the dozens of blog posts we write as unique. And they will index most of our posts.

Our average client comes to us with 17 links to negative search terms on the first three pages of Google for the top three ways to look them up. The vast majority of the negative content we see is in the form of published articles and blog posts. We use the same kind of content to respond.

With article marketing and guest blogging alone, we are able to remove more than 80% of all negative keywords on the first page. These techniques combined with the other strategies we use typically removes 15 of those links in the first 30 days and all but one at the 60 day mark.

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