specializes in helping you remove negative content, like criminal history, from google. We do this by actively replacing it with positive content on behalf of our clients.

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Press Release Distribution

Press releases are common in the world of marketing. They help build awareness reaching large audiences through syndication on news sites and by media picks from newswires. When the media covers you, the exposure can dramatically change your image. Press releases are used to generate positive news coverage and build backlinks. Press Releases may not have the SEO power they once did, but they can be invaluable for building and maintaining your online reputation.

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Our Press Release Solutions

The vast majority of businesses have no idea what their online reputation is or how it impacts sales. And individuals often doing even think about their online reputation. People just don't take time to scan the internet for mentions to see what people are saying about them, oftentimes until it's too late. But all it takes is a quick Google search to see what people think of you or your business. If it's not good, press releases can help establish you as a credible authority, shit the news in a positive direction, and push back negative news. That is why we use press release distribution as a means of building our client's reputations.

Past Clients Featured in Top News Outlets

News Outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fox News, NBC, ABC, CNN, Bloomberg, and Entrepreneur.
  • Press Releases Help Establish You as a Credible Authority

    Whether your reputation is positive or negative you can strengthen your image by using authority-driven press releases. You can highlight research in your organization, awards you've received, or products and services you've released. They can also be used to associate you with a particular celebrity, established expert, or notable media outlets. Think about how many companies say "As seen on CNN" or "Featured in BusinessWeek".
  • They Shift The Focus to What You're Doing Right

    Unlike mainstream news, Press releases almost always share something positive. The give you the opportunity to share something good. When we write a press release we focus on something that sets you apart and explains what you're doing right. Maybe we talk about new hires that can improve your image or expertise, new products or services that make you more important, or awards that highlight your skills and understanding. Any favorable good news help your audience focus on what you’re doing well, rather than what you’ve done wrong. Often times, we can piggyback off current trends to make you seem relevant.
  • Push Down Negative News

    When we issue a press release and submit it for distribution, along with supporting content, the news release effectively pushes down any negative content that may appear in in the search engines. It's no secret that Google prefers to show more recent news, as it tends to be more relevant. We use that knowledge to your advantage. The more positive content we publish the further down the results pages the negative content will fall.

How Our Service Works

Wide Distribution

We use several press release distribution services to place our clients release online.

Direct Placement

We contact relevant news sites directly to seek placement for our story.

Direct Placement

We publish the press release directly on our client's website for maximum benefit.

Social Media Distribution

We share that press release on social media.
We want our clients news to have the maximum reach and readability, that's why we submit only professionally written news releases to top news sites.

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Our company leverages the power of massive distribution to ensure our clients negative press is replaced by positive press. We restore damaged reputations.
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