specializes in helping you remove negative content, like criminal history, from google. We do this by actively replacing it with positive content on behalf of our clients.

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When people look you up what do they see? If they are finding information about you that attacks your character or portrays you in a negative light, you need to counter that disgraceful content with an honest professional portrayal of your self. That is why we write and publish positive portrayals of our clients across a network of sites featuring biographies of the country's leading professionals.
Biography Writer
Biography Writing

Why this service?

Whether it's a potential employer looking to find more information about you or a future customer doing more research on your company you need to appear as a competent professional. Our sites feature clients alongside the leading business, technology, and financial professionals. The hope is that when someone looks you up, they find content that highlights your experience and career, not your mistakes.

Positive Associations

These sites will show case you alongside well respected business leaders and focus on your achievements and skills, without ever mentioning anything negative.

Unique Biographies

Every article we write is uniquely written and phrased further increasing the chances that it will be indexed as authoritative content. No duplicate content here.

Top Quality Profiles

All of the profiles will feature a professional picture of you along with a biography that is crafted to come up in the search results when someone looks for you.

Natural Appearance

Every site we use has it's own content and professional design. Furthermore, each site is hosted on a different IP address across a variety of hosts.
The sites we publish our clients information to serve to promote their professional image and improve their reputation. Why allow someone else to write to story, when you can have a story that is authored to present you in the best light possible. That's what you want customers or employers to see.
  • We Write Your Biography

    The bio contains keywords woven into an accurate personal history one that discusses your positive contributions and skills.
  • We Publish It Online

    Your biography will appear on one site in our network featuring information about various professionals along with a picture and backlink.
  • We Rewrite It and Publish Again

    We rewrite the entire bio in order to come up with a new biography and publish that one to another website in our network.

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About Our Company

Our company takes those who have been portrayed in a negative fashion and turn their image around. We aren't like any other reputation repair company. Our services work and the fact that you hired us will be virtually undetectable.
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