specializes in helping you remove negative content, like criminal history, from google. We do this by actively replacing it with positive content on behalf of our clients.

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Video Production For Reputation Repair

In recent years, content marketing professionals have been putting more and more emphasis on making videos to reach their target audiences. Like marketers, the news has jumped on this trend, as video is an easy way to reach large audiences. In 2005, as the oldest of millennial left for college, YouTube came onto the scene and making video expression available to the masses.

Now, Google natively provides video listings in their standard search results, which means if you aren't making video that ranks well, you're left seeing whatever the news organizations or content producers want you to see. That's why we have create videos in house and publish them on streaming sites like youtube. We want the first thing someone sees when they look for you to be something desirable.

Video Production

Our Video Solutions

We create attractive videos to address any negative content that may appear on youtube. The sad reality of the world today is that anyone can create a review of a product even if their intentions aren't good. The same goes for their opinions about other people. But our content gives another view, the view that your products, brands, or service are worthy of admiration.

Positive Reviews

We partner with people that will share their positive experience about your company or product.

Promo Ads

Introductions to your products or person that establish you as the best in your industry. Our video production team produces quailty content.

Informational Videos

To be seen as an expert in your field you've got to show people what you know. We can create beautiful slideshows that people love.

Established Channels

Often times, we can convince existing channels to cover you. It just takes something newsworthy.
Whether or not other marketer's will admit it, much of this is a numbers game. Producing more content inevitabily increases the chances that your video will be seen. But they other key factor is engagement. That's why quality matters.
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  • The Secret
  • The Final Result

Low quality video tends not to attract much attention. But when it does it a negative spotlight cast upon you  can be damaging to your company or career. Videos get shared on social media, viewed, and resharred.

We create the high quality video that peopel want to see and use our knowledge of what makes an engaging video to your advantage. Chances are that the news isn't making a top ten video, the kind that gets lots of clicks. Mostly likely they are simply telling a story. We can do that too, but we format in a way that makes people want to watch it. 

And, your average reviewer isn't optimizing content specifically to attract attention to you, they are looking to bring more viewers to them. Chances are the content is optimized as a review or local news. This means we can still use best practices in naming our video so that when people look for you, it is what they see.

And our videos implement calls to action to get the user out of the trap of watching video after video to drive them to you. When you draw them to your properties, the likelihood is that they'll never see the negative video.

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The goal here is to make sure when people look for you, they find your video and nothing negative. Experience shows us that by just publishing a few videos, we are able to take over the listing of videos in the search results page for the average person. It's a bit trickier if you are a well-known celebrity, but we've had great success.

Our average client starts off with just three negative videos. Thus far, there hasn't been a single case where we haven't been able to push those videos off the first page of Google and replace them with something else. Sometimes, it takes the help of established influencers, but so far we've never failed.

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